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NMS Prime: Network Provisioning Tool and Network Management Platform for broadband operators

Features of NMS Prime

Easy – scalable – proven – All-In-One – open source


Thank you! We are improving and expanding our contents on a daily basis - so check back every now and then to get a new updated PDF!

Moreover, you might find the following links helpful:

NMS Prime: Provision your Network - Stop Cable ingress - Automate Invoicing and Direct Debit - Reduce Chaos

Your Features and Benefits at a glance:

1. Cable/DOCSIS, FTTH, DSL and Directional Radio Provisioning

NMS Prime Provisioning Interface

Create Contracts and Cable Modems

Analyse your Cable Modems and HFC network

Analysis pages for cable modems, mtas and cpe

Interface for Voice over IP Provisioning

VoIP Provisioning: Create MTAs and Phonenumbers

Create Configfiles, CMTS's, BRAS's, IP-pools and QoS-profiles

Learn more under: Provisioning

Configmanagement Interface

2. Failure Management: Stop Cable Ingress

Interface for automatic ingress detection

Stop Cable Ingress with Automatic Ingress Detection

Display your IT infrastructure in real-time maps

IT Infrastructure on an topography map

Interface for creating maps with modems

Check your Cable Modems status in real-time maps

Never confused again: Visualize your HFC network interconnections

Interface for HFC networks interconnections

SNMP Settings Interface for ORAs

Control all SNMP based network devices, like amplifiers and nodes, with a generic OS Control Creator

Auto configuration of Nagios and Cacti from one database

Learn more under: Failure Management

Auto configuration of different services

3. Billing: Automated Invoicing and Direct Debit

GUI for managing products

Create Tariffs, Products and SEPA accounts

Perform automated direct debits for your bank (SEPA.xml)

Billing Base Interface

Generated PDF Invoice

Generate out-of-the-box PDF invoices

Learn more under: Billing

4. Ticket-System: Reduce chaos

NMS Prime Ticketsystem

Plan, assign and track the work of your team

Learn more under: Ticket-System

Be ready in <5min

Start your own NMS Prime Instance with

NMS Prime Cloud Solution

or Host your own Server

NMS Prime – The power of open source

NMS Prime is written with PHP 7, Laravel 5 framework and a modern, cool and responsive bootstrap topic. It is tested and developed under CentOS 7 (RHEL 7).

NMS Prime is only build by standard Linux tools, like

ISC DHCP - Named - Nagios - Cacti

Trust: These tools are developed, approved and used worldwide.

See our Design Architecture page for more information.

Join our mission:

"Changing the way software for ISP's works nowadays!"

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