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NMS Prime is a open source (GPLv3) provisioning and management web application for DOCSIS network operators.

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1. Provisioning:

At the time we are highly focused on DOCSIS provisioning – including VoIP.

Provisioning interface


The system is designed technology neutral – other technologies (like FTTH or TR-69) will be implemented in future. Subscribe to our newsletter if you want to get informed.

2. IT Maintenance:

  1. Show your IT infrastructure in real-time in topography MAP and ERD – Entity Relation Diagram
  2. Auto configuration of Nagios and Cacti from one database
  3. Generic SNMP GUI creator

Entitiy relation diagrammNetwork topographysnmp settings

Architectural Concept

NMS Prime is written with PHP 7.1.8, Laravel 5.3 framework and a modern, cool and responsive bootstrap topic. It is tested and developed under CentOS 7 (RHEL 7).

NMS Prime is build by standard Linux tools, like

These tools are worldwide developed, approved and used.

See Design Architecture for more information

Join our mission:

"changing the way software for ISP's works nowadays!"



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