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NMS Prime is a open source (GPLv3) provisioning and management web application for DOCSIS network operators

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Thank you! We are improving and expanding our contents on a daily basis - so check back every now and then to get a new updated PDF!

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NMS Prime: Provision your Network - Stop Cable ingress - Automate Invoicing and Direct Debit - Reduce Chaos

Your Features and Benefits at a glance:

1. Cable/DOCSIS Provisioning

Create Contracts and Cable Modems

Analyse your Cable Modems and HFC network

VoIP Provisioning: Create MTAs and Phonenumbers

Create Configfiles, CMTS's, IP- pools and QoS-profiles

Learn more under: Provisioning


The system is designed technology neutral – other technologies (like FTTH or TR-69) will be implemented in future. Subscribe to our newsletter if you want to get informed.

2. IT Maintenance: Stop Cable Ingress

Stop Cable Ingress with Automatic Ingress Detection

Show your IT infrastructure in real-time maps

Show your Cable Modems status in real-time maps

Never confused again: Show your HFC networks interconnections

Control all SNMP based network devices, like amplifiers and nodes, with a generic SNMP MIB GUI Creator

Auto configuration of Nagios and Cacti from one database

Learn more under: IT Maintenance

3. Billing: Automated Invoicing and Direct Debit

Create Tariffs, Products and SEPA accounts

Perform automated direct debits for your bank (SEPA.xml)

Generate out-of-the-box PDF invoices

Learn more under: Billing

4. Ticket-System: Reduce chaos

Plan, assign and track the work of your team

Learn more under: Ticket-System

NMS Prime – The power of open source

NMS Prime is written with PHP 7, Laravel 5 framework and a modern, cool and responsive bootstrap topic. It is tested and developed under CentOS 7 (RHEL 7).

NMS Prime is only build by standard Linux tools, like

ISC DHCP - Named - Nagios - Cacti

Trust: These tools are worldwide developed, approved and used.

See our Design Architecture page for more information.

Join our mission:

"Changing the way software for ISP's works nowadays!"

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