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This is not the holy bible! (smile) It is more a set of architecture guidelines for your orientation. So when difficult design decisions arise, please rethink under the following aspects:

1. Do as much as possible with Laravel!

Do as many things as possible by laravel, especially topics like: logic and view. Don't put logical stuff in SQL.

Laravel 5 Logo

2. Keep it modular!

We use ping pong laravel module to enable modularity usage. A new module is required, when a new (and not already used topic) is addressed! More modules are often better.

See Writing your own Modules for more information.

PHP artisan module-list output for nms prime

3. Database independents matters!

One of our goals is to achieve database independents. For this purpose we use default laravel Eloquent Concept. See: https://laravel.com/docs/eloquent. This required as less as possible usage of direct DB connections – Don't use mysql_query() or avoid laravel DB:: command when possible (smile)

Laravel Eloquent ORM Logo

4. Base MVC is cool – use it!

Base MVC is our own core framework which extends the laravel framwork to our special needs. Most of the things you will experience, will go through it. See: Base MVC:

Only reusable and generic code goes in "Base MVC"! 

Example of QoS rules page implemented with Base MVCExample of an edit-page as Base MVC

NOTE: Only work in Base MVC context under the following aspects:

  1. You really know what you are doing!
  2. You will put a lot of effort in testing before merge request comes!

5. Do not reinvent the world! Use Standard Linux!

Make as much as possible use of common standard linux tools, like

  • Nagios
  • Cacti and rrd

Linux Mascot Pinguin Tux

These are cool projects! So: USE THEM !

6. Design, look and feel matters!

For this purpose we use bootstrap with "Color Admin" Topic. So there is nothing wrong producing a cool, modern, fancy and responsive GUI. Most of our users care about this, they are no geeks. Checkout projects for more infos

  1. Bootstrap: http://getbootstrap.com/
  2. Topic: Color Admin: https://wrapbootstrap.com/theme/color-admin-admin-template-front-end-WB0N89JMK

bootstrap template color admin used by nms prime

7. Keep it simple!

Keep it simple

8. Coding is Art: We love open source! Contribute!

laravel logo with slogan

9. Testing matters!

Testing is important!

TODO: phpunit stuff by Patrick Reichel for testing all MVCs!

Graph showing bug detection

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