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Gain back control of your entire IT infrastructure: NMS PRIME combines the power of Cacti and Icinga by introducing a new approach of how to monitor your IT infrastructure and your customers.

TopicStateNMS PRIMESee
MAP & ERD(//)

Show your IT infrastructure in real-time in topography MAP and ERD – Entity Relation Diagram


Each manageable IT device (e.g. using SNMP) you have been installed can be added to

  1. geo map
  2. entity relation diagram
Adding your first Topography

(//)intelligent fast adding or importing of thousands of different devices using either a API or SQL

(//)Show your cable plans in geo maps combined with your realtime data gathered via SNMPKML Import


Geo Map


Customer Geo Map

Customer Geo Map

(//)Representation of all customers in topography and entity relation diagram and direct linking of customer to provisioning system


Modem geo-positioning system

  • automatic address geocoding (via OSM and google)
  • manually adaptable
Required Module: Provisioning

(//)automated assignment of customers into the specified networks and cluster

(//)calculation of statical modem measurement values, like upstream, downstream, CNR, numer of online / offline customers

(//)Topographical representation of all customers in a MAP


CMTS realtime analysis: and management

(//) Real-time analysis and management of any MIB parameter, like 

  • CNR
  • Input Power Level
  • Frequency
  • modulation profile
  • Active Modems, ..
  • Corrected Error, ..

You can also change editable parameters (like frequency) via GUI

(//)CMTS Monitoring(see Monitoring module)

(//)CMTS segmentation documentation: simply stay aware of your CMTS / RF conncetion plan by assigning every DS and US channel a corresponding Cluster (NetElement).

Monitoring & Real-time Analysis(//)

Each manageable IT device (e.g. using SNMP) you have been installed can be monitored by cacti or Icinga

Icinga / Nagios

(//)Auto configuration of Nagios and Cacti from one database


Generate your own GUI's for your managable devices by using the

OS Control

OS Control

Topography Map

Linux Service Usage

  • Cacti – Monitoring
  • Icinga – Real Time Analyses – a modern Nagios fork which addresses many Nagios issues in a better style

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