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NOTE: Billing module required

1. Description

This module contains the overview of all overdue payments - here called: debt - of the customers.

With this module it's possible to upload a SWIFT/MT940.sta bank transaction file. On parsing the file and it's transactions return debit notes and customer transfers are assigned as debts to the appropriate customers.

In the near future this module will contain the functionality to create dunning letters for customers having overdue payments/debts.

2. Debt management options

You can configure your NMSPrime instance to manage overdue debts / outstanding customer payments by one of the following 2 ways by editing /etc/nmsprime/env/overduedebts.env in your NMSPrime VM.

Note: If you already use your financial accounting software to create dunning letters and you import the bank transaction file to that software you would have the same work of assigning transactions with bad transfer reason to your customers. In this case option 2 does better suit for you.

2.1. Parse bank transaction file


This way the settlement run will create a debt for every customer. It automatically closes the created debt by another debt if the customer has a valid SEPA mandate.

On uploading the bank transaction file of the format MT940/Swift NMSPrime tries to clear open debts or creates new ones if the direct debit failed. A logging tab shows all infos, errors and warnings of the assigned or not assigned transactions - e.g. if the reason of transfer didn't contain the invoice number.

NOTE: all manually done customer transactions need to have the invoice number in its reason of transfer.

(Refer to the internal page Dunning Design Decisions for the reasons of this design decision)

2.2. Upload resulting debt list from financial accounting software


The CSV to upload must contain the infos in the following format:

column nr0123456789101112
general headline/datacustomer nr

voucher nrdate
missing amountdescriptiondunning date

dunning indicator

DATEV exportKontonummer(Kurzbezeichnung)(Anrede)(Name)Rechnungs-NrRechnungsdatum(Fälligkeit)Betrag Soll(Skonto in Prozent)SaldoBuchungstextMahndatumMahnstufe
Color meanings
column must contain data
column can be empty - data could be used in future
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