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Part 1: winning up-to 6dB CNR on the upstream

Enable CMTS Upstream Pre-Equalizer

pre-equalizer must be enabled for every channel, like

# interface Cable1/0
# cable upstream 0 equalization-coefficient

See also: Cisco Documentation Pre-Equalizer

Check if ingress-noise-cancellation is enabled

This line should be enabled per upstream interface:  "cable upstream 0 ingress-noise-cancellation 100". You can check with:

Cisco: Test if ingress noise cancellation is enabled
# show run all | inc ingress
 cable upstream 0 ingress-noise-cancellation 100
 cable upstream 1 ingress-noise-cancellation 100

Cable interface line cards [..] contain advanced hardware-based noise cancellation circuitry that digitally removes in-channel impairments such as ingress, common path distortion, and certain types of impulse noise. To configure how often these line cards should train their noise cancellation circuity, so as to adapt to changes in the noise types and levels, use the cable upstream ingress-noise-cancellation command.

Cisco Documentation on ingress-noise-cancellation

CMTS RF hacks video series

To understand what DOCSIS Pre-Equalizer is:

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