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  • Representation of all customers in topography and entity relation diagram and direct linking of customer to provisioning system

  • automated assignment of customers into the specified network

  • calculation of statical modem measurement values, like upstream, downstream, CNR, numer of online / offline customers

  • Topographical representation of all customers in a MAP

Example: Modem Geo Map – HFC network real-time analysis

Example for a modem map


Customer Geo Map provides a automated way to show all customers (modems) in

  • Topography / Geo Map
  • Entity Relation Diagram

It comes with a generic approach to automatically:

  1. geocode a modems x,y position based on address data (city, street, ..), and
  2. place modems based on editable topographic rules to bubbles:

Screenshot of an example modem summaryExample for a topography map

This infrastructure is called: Modem Positioning Rules and is direct linked to each Net Element – See Database Model.

Adding Modem Positioning Rules

TODO: Video

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