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NMS Prime's modular design allows the system to be as flexible as possible. The following pages will show the modules and how they can be used to manage your network infrastructure.

Module Overview:


Managed and full automated Provisioning for

(//) DOCSIS 1.0, 1.1, 2.0, 3.0, 3.1

(uu) coming soon: FTTH, DSL, WiFi Provisioning (see FTTH implementation)

(//)MonitoringDiagrams for cable modem values, dhcp logging and lease information, realtime measurements like DS/US Power and SNR and generic information
(//)VoIPIncludes provisioning and monitoring for VoIP
(//)BillingConfigure products and items, SEPA Mandates, settlement runs for automated billing, invoices, cost center and more

IT Maintenance

Also called HfcBase, this module provides real-time topography maps for your networks
(//)SNMP MIB GUI CreatorAdd SNMP devices and create GUIs for reading and writing to these devices
(//)Ticket SystemCreate and edit tickets and assign them to users
(//)APINMS PRIME comes with a generic API, enabling you to connect it with any other system like your lead CRM/BSS.
(uu)OTCCurrently in development and not in production. This module will extend your customer control center and allow your clients to order products directly.

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  1. If Billing is disabled there will be a select field on the Modem page where you can choose the QoS. I dont think that it's written to contract then as it's not necessary and it's possible to have multiple QoS's on different modems of one contract.