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Provisioning (ProvBase) is the core package for the entire Provisioning process in NMS PRIME. It will enable you to bring DOCSIS cable modems and CPEs online. By the end of 2019 it will be the first vendor independent provisioning for all technology types (DOCSIS, FTTH, DSL, WiFi). It contains:

TopicStateNMS PrimeStart here..

Manage Customers and Contracts

  • private name or company
  • Address
  • different, adaptable Contract numbers (if required)
  • Contract start / end date
Create a Customer

(//)Disable Internet Access for entire contractDisable internet access automatically, enable manually


Automated Provisioning and management of Cable Modems

  • name
  • MAC address
  • Configfile
  • address line
  • serial / inventory number
  • internet access (enable/disable)
  • description
Create a Modem


All DOCSIS compliant modems

Will my Cable Modem work with NMSPRIME


automated configuration of DHCP, TFTPDNS and TOD service for a DOCSIS compliant provisioning of all DOCSIS 1.0, 1.1, 2.0, 3.0 and 3.1 devices

Will my Cable Modem work with NMSPRIME


Assign IP's to Modems

  • dynamic IP's
  • dynamic hostnames for monitoring


Modem geo-positioning system

  • automatic address geocoding (via OSM and google)
  • manually adaptable
Required Module: IT Maintenance


Real-time analysis and monitoring

See Monitoring for details..


Force Modem Restart

What happens on modems ? 'Force restart' ?


Dynamic Modem IP's allow adding modems without the knowledge of required technical infrastructure (e.g. assigned CMTS), since the Modem will choose any free IP from DHCP server

–> Customer can move modem from one CMTS to another without anything to do or care about


Assign IP's to CPE's / any devices

  • dynamic IP's (default)
  • static IP's
  • private IP's
  • public IP's
  • auto created hostnames for public IP's
  • customized hostnames for public IP's
How to assign a static public IP to a CPE


CPE analysis

  • dashboard for quick forecast
  • ping test
  • DHCP log and lease


Administration of multiple CMTS's

  • hostname
  • IP
  • SNMP communities
Add a CMTS


All DOCSIS compliant CMTS's

Is my CMTS supported by NMS PRIME?

(//)CMTS config proposals for many popular CMTSIs my CMTS supported by NMS PRIME?


Assign IP-Pools to CMTS

Add a IP-Pool


CMTS monitoring analysis.

  • bandwiths
  • CPU usage
  • All upstream channels: CNR, packet analysis, usage,
  • customizable


CMTS real-time analysis

  • 1s interval polling possible
  • upstream channel analysis

See Monitoring for details..

(//)Assign IP-Pools to CMTS'sAdd a IP-Pool

(//)Routing configuration proposal scriptsConfigure the CMTS

(//)assign CMTS channels to cluster


Manage any Quality-of-Service Profile

  • example Down 100MBit/s – Up 10MBit/s
Add a QoS-Profile

(//)Assign QoS to ConfigfilesQoS to Configfile Mapping



(//)Generic Configfile creatorCreate Configuration File

(//)Configfile Tree view allows structuring of files in a parent/child style


Assign any database statement to config file, like

  • QoS speeds
  • network access
  • modem name
  • ..

–> a generic approach to access SQL is provided

Basic DOCSIS Config File for Cable Modems

(//)Import and Export Configfiles and entire Configfile TreesImport and Export of Config Files

(//)Firmware Updates and Certificate Files

(//)Mass Firmware Updates

(//)Strong scalability: NMS PRIME creates a specific configfile for any modem


Register Domains and connect them with one of theese Services

  • SIP
  • E-Mail
  • DHCP

Required Linux Services


services will be automatically installed by nmsprime-provbase package


See https://github.com/schmto/nmsprime/blob/modules/ProvBase/Install/config.cfg

Overview about cable provisioning

Deutsch: Schulung Teil 2: Thema Provisioning

Example: Adding a Contract

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